Tuesday, April 9, 2013

That monotonous life...still brings something new!!

My mind is like  a rollercoaster ride where no. of thoughts keep swirling around and the most unique part, it lasts even longer than the ride we actually experience in amusement parks! I don’t know which chain the thoughts flow through...because I think from the minutest detail of any activity to probably the most serious issue in the world which may reach to even politics of our nation.

Today, as usual when I was on the way to college, the same route, the same bike, the same me, just in a matter of 10 minutes, my brain juggled from one topic to the other, one person to the other, worries, tensions, excitements, happiness, hopes, realisations and the list goes on. I realised how complex my brain would be connecting the loops and strings from one end to the other.

Suddenly I noticed that somehow the surroundings go in sync with my thoughts. I realised that somehow my brain manages to put forth the problem only when it has a solution good enough which would convince me. How clever my brain is, I thought.

When I think of how tiresome and hectic my life has become, I see few senior citizens still so fresh and active and ready to work along with their walking stick. The spark in their eyes is simply so commendable. And then I agree, that, yes , God has given me enough strength to work hard and I need to realise the value of it.

When I think of how tension-free the entire world is, and it’s only me who has the entire burden of the world, then I see middle age office men running hither and thither with their briefcases in hand, and faces tensed. I also see shopkeepers closing down their shops just because they couldn’t cope up with their recurring loans.   And then I say, yes, I agree I am presently not in such a state of tension.

When I think of how comfortable my life is, how relaxed every morning is, I see little kids nearby who don’t have sufficient food and water for the day. They even don’t have clothes to wear. Little children aged 3 or 4 wake up early and travel miles for a barrel of water for their family’s living. They have just a stick broken out of the tree bark to play and a stone to imagine as a ball. Indeed, it leaves me with tears and yes, I realise how fortunate I am.

When I think of how lonely I am, and how my dear ones don’t bother how I am feeling, I see a little orphan girl who is selling flags and wishing and greeting everyone a good day. How easily she brought a smile on everyone’s face just by showing how happy she is with her life. And then, I realised, that it’s not someone who makes me feel lonely, its I myself who pushes myself in the darkness . When that little orphan girl , who doesn’t have any family to care for her,  considers the world as her family, i realised how great she is!

When I think how boring it is to study and give exams, I see a little boy hiding his book under the table and peeping into it silently, just because his father wanted him to sell vegetables and not study. I realised, how much of determination and focus he had, in spite of the background and his father’s thinking. Deep inside my heart, I felt, its I,  who need to realise the value of education and what wonders it can do if done with great devotion and sincerity. 

When I think what difference 9.00 a.m and 9.05 a.m would make, I see youngsters and middle aged people running to catch the bus as it would be the last by which they would be reaching their workplace....and Oh...they missed it! And then,  I looked at my bike with a smile and said to myself, ”I’m seriously so lucky to have you! 

We never realise how fortunate and blessed we are...until we ourselves make an effort to realise this. Little,petty issues upset our mind...and you never know how absurd conclusions your brain tries to bind. Your heart has no other option but to agree and then a simple situation also turns complex.

You see, God has placed our routine and ordered it in such a way that we learn something new from every other thing that happens. You may not even realise how things influence you...how much of change it brings in you(which you cant even imagine otherwise).. and yes you gain a feeling of pride,not over yourself, but over your existence.

We humans, keep pondering over silly questions, some which don’t have answers, sometimes create worries for ourselves and build results based on it. How blind these problems make us, how selfish we become with our own worries and indeed how we start living in a world which consists only of “ME”. And if we start placing everyone ‘s  problems at a place and asking which one of them one would go with, I’m sure each one would leave with their own problems.

So whenever your mind pulls you into such confusing times, just peep out of your life, see other people who also have their own problems and worries but still manage to cope up with it and smile and.. yes...that’s the way life goes on. Life goes on...and revolves around just by a smile. :) 


  1. Nice one yaar.. :) keep updating ur blog frequently so that we can read more and more from u.. :)

  2. Someone has stuck the " Eureka " moment very recently.... And the result of it is a great article of gratitude, philosophy and enlightenment that I was looking forward to;)

    1. Exactly dipesh :) u know the before and after very well ;) thank you so much!! :)

  3. realisation has come not only yours but my way too..... its that prick that i feel when i read ur stuff ash.... u have that charm, cheers to that.

    oh and specially, the line "When I think of how comfortable my life is, how relaxed every morning is" stung like a scorp.
    :P :P :P

  4. I always get back 2 d question, is it really necessary dat men should consume so much of their bodily and mental energies in d machinery of civilised life? but then there r people like u who make life feel so easy:)